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How to use 3D printing to make a new tattoo

How to use 3D printing to make a new tattoo

A woman has become the first to print a new one of her own by using a 3D printer.

Rachel Mazzola-Vargas, a 20-year-old junior at Arizona State University, created the design on Tuesday, according to her Facebook page.

The idea came after Mazzolas family lost a son to cancer in December.

She said she was inspired by the fact that people can now use a 3d printer to make their own tattoos.

The design features a woman wearing a purple and gold gown.

She holds a 3-D printed tattoo, a hand made of plastic beads and a metal bracelet.

It is unclear how much the design cost Mazzs family, but her mother told AZCentral that the $50 price tag makes the process more affordable.

MazzolaVargs told AZ Central that she wants to help her community as much as possible.

The tattoo is printed using a laser cutter and the plastic bead that covers the top of the tattoo is cut out.

She then makes the next piece, a necklace that has the bead on it.

The family plans to create a series of 3D prints of the designs.

She told The Hill that she is working with her father to print the jewelry as well.

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