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What you need to know about a new technology to make football shirts and other gear in Italy

What you need to know about a new technology to make football shirts and other gear in Italy

There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding a new “translating” technology called the Translite printer.

It’s made in China and is the first time a printer has been used to make shirts.

The company claims to be the first to offer such a printer in the world. 

This is a very promising technology.

The idea of printing the game itself in a way that it doesn’t wear off over time, but is still available in large quantities, is really appealing.

We know that players can wear shirts that have been printed, but this could change the face of sportscar racing in the future. 

Translating sports jerseys is something we’re still working on the best we can. 

So, here are a few things we can expect from the new technology. 

First, the Translators will use high-quality, ultra-high quality cotton, which is very light weight and is resistant to scuffing, so there’s no need to print the shirt all over the place. 

It will be produced in a high-volume production to ensure that the shirt is always the same quality. 

The Translite will print the jersey in a standard width, with a length of up to 12 cm. 

We can also expect the shirt to have a logo printed on the back, which will be printed on both the front and back. 

There’s a reason that we call this a trans-printing shirt, and it’s for the good of the sport. 

When the shirt gets worn, the player will still be able to take the shirt off and wear it, as well as flip the collar up, which means it can be worn while the jersey is still wet. 

 Second, the translators are able to use only the same type of fabric for both front and rear. 

While we don’t have the details of exactly how the translocators will be able print the shirts, we can assume that the shirts will be made of cotton, but with a softer, softer material. 

Third, the shirts won’t be printed with any adhesive at all. 

Fourth, the shirt will be cut from a fabric that will last for many years. 

Fifth, the design of the shirt can be altered to suit the player’s preferences. 

Sixth, there will be no seams, as the trans-lators won’t need to sew them in. 

Seventh, the company claims that the Translations will be a more economical way of printing shirts, because the shirts have to be shipped from China. 

“We will be working with our suppliers in China, who will also be responsible for the assembly, transport, handling and final disposal of the shirts,” the company says.

“The Translator shirts are 100% handmade in China.” 

In addition, the jerseys will be machine-readable. 

All that means is that the players will be wearing a shirt that has been printed with their name and jersey number on it, which makes them very identifiable. 

These Translite shirts will not be available for purchase in the States until later this year, but we can see how that could make a lot more sense to people, as it makes the sport even more appealing. 

Now, it seems like the company has been given a lot to work with.

They’ve been working with a variety of players, including the American and European stars, who are very keen to see this technology in action. 

A few players have even made a promise to wear the shirts with them during their matches, if the technology comes to fruition. 

I hope they can make this technology a reality soon, but until then, there’s still a lot we don.

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