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Which of these tech startups could become the next Google?

Which of these tech startups could become the next Google?

Politico: Which of the tech startups that Google is looking to buy could make the next big Google?

TechCrunch: Which one of these companies could become Google’s next big acquisition?

The answers to these questions are in the company’s latest filing, which is part of its $2.3 billion offer to buy chip maker Qualcomm.

In addition to buying Qualcomm, Google wants to acquire a majority stake in Facebook, which Google owns, and a minority stake in another Facebook-owned company, Instagram.

In its filing, Google argues that Facebook is a “highly valuable” company with “significant” potential, but is “not sufficiently valued” to warrant the valuation Google is seeking.

Facebook has been in talks with Google, and Google has been negotiating for years, the filing said.

Facebook declined to comment.

In a filing to the SEC last week, Google said it is “actively exploring” potential acquisitions.

For the past several years, Google has also been trying to acquire tech companies like Apple, Google’s chief rival in the smartphone market.

That strategy has been hampered by antitrust concerns, as Apple has been more inclined to invest in technology that rivals it.

The filing also said that it has not made any investment decisions regarding Facebook or Instagram.

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