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3D Printer Maker Duplo to Sell to 3D Printers Company

3D Printer Maker Duplo to Sell to 3D Printers Company

The maker of the Duplo printer is going public with plans to sell the machine to a company based in China, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The company is seeking $5.2 billion in new funding, which is a 10-fold increase over its initial offer.

The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2019.

Duplo is an iconic brand for the home printer.

It was invented by Steve Jobs, and has been used in the home for nearly three decades.

It has sold more than a billion copies worldwide, and it has helped transform the home.

The Duplo has been available in the United States for some time, but the company said it would move its headquarters to the United Kingdom in the summer of 2019 to become a full-fledged company.

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