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Why is it so hard to understand the ‘fake news’ epidemic?

Why is it so hard to understand the ‘fake news’ epidemic?

The “fake news” phenomenon is a broad term that encompasses any false or misleading information that the mainstream media disseminates to drive public opinion.

The media has a long history of lying to their audiences and it’s no surprise that the current administration is rife with misinformation.

President Donald Trump’s administration is filled with people who have shown an eagerness to spread falsehoods about his predecessor and his administration.

The president’s own campaign team has been caught using misleading campaign talking points to mislead voters, and the president himself has even been caught lying about the number of people killed in a car crash.

Despite all of that, there’s a lot of misinformation out there and it is being perpetuated by the mainstream press.

This infographic shows the most commonly cited examples of fake news and the number and frequency of news stories that have been debunked.

In other words, there are stories that are completely false and misleading, but there are also stories that people are willing to believe that are not completely false or fraudulent.

The infographic also highlights the extent to which some of the stories on the list have been picked up by the media.

For instance, there was a story about a woman being attacked in Washington D.C. that was quickly debunked.

The article in question was posted on a fake news site that is now owned by the Daily Mail.

The story was based on a video of a woman who was attacked by a group of men who called themselves “Black Lives Matter” who then threatened to “beat” her to death.

It was later removed from the Daily News and replaced with a more detailed statement that stated that the video was not of a group, but of a white woman.

A separate article was posted about a man who allegedly raped a woman in North Carolina.

It is now the subject of a lawsuit, which has also been refuted by the police.

The lawsuit was based solely on the victim’s claims that she was sexually assaulted by the man in the video.

Another article was published about a Republican senator who was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman while on his campaign plane.

The incident was captured on video and it was later found to be false.

And the list goes on.

The problem is that not every story that is posted on the internet is true.

Some of these stories have been reported in multiple news outlets, but that does not necessarily mean they are all true.

The fake news story that was picked up in the New York Times article that mentioned the rape was not true, for example.

This is why it is important for people to be aware of the fake news that is out there, said Chris Cillizza, the chief White House correspondent for The Washington Post.

“The media is a tool of propaganda, but it also has a duty to be an honest broker in our democracy,” Cillizzi said.

“We should be trying to learn as much as we can from it, but we shouldn’t be creating stories that aren’t true or false.”

In order to understand how this problem has developed over the past several years, we asked several experts to give us some insight into how they perceive the media’s role in spreading false information.

The first thing to know is that the media is not responsible for all the misinformation out in the world.

As Cillazzi said, “The real story is that there are many stories out there that are false and that the news media are not doing their job of fact-checking.

In fact, some of those stories are outright lies.”

This article has been updated to clarify that a woman was raped by a man on a plane, not a group that called itself Black Lives Matter.

We also changed the title to clarify what the New Yorker article about the woman said about her attacker.

The Huffington Post has also edited this article to remove a quote from the article that mischaracterized a New York Police Department statement on the matter.

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