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Why tampons make the best plastic drinking straws

Why tampons make the best plastic drinking straws

By James C. WalkerPublished August 20, 2018 10:19:51I know, I know, the tampon is the ultimate feminine accessory.

But when it comes to reusable menstrual cups, it is the best one.

When it comes down to it, tampons and cups are like a pair of shoes.

They can fit in a purse or a drawer.

But if you are having a hard time getting them out of a bag, or if they have a small seam in them, you can use a reusable menstrual cup.

If you want to wash a tampon or a cup, you just need to apply a dampening agent to the outside of the container.

The wetter the container, the easier it will absorb the detergent and leave behind no residue.

You don’t have to apply detergent every time you wash a cup.

But you should apply it when you first wash a menstrual cup, which will give you the best chance of staying clean.

Washing a menstrual tubA good menstrual tub cleans up easily and easily.

Just rinse it with warm water and allow it to sit overnight.

If it gets too dirty, simply scrub it with a cloth.

After washing, use a tissue or cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris that might have built up on the inside of the tub.

If the inside feels a bit rough, you may want to use a plastic bag to get it cleaned.

You may also want to take a tissue to wipe the inside with, or use a small spatula to push it through the top and bottom of the bag to clean it.

If a menstrual cups has a small zipper, you will want to make sure that it is a zip lock.

The smaller the zipper, the better the sealing.

You can use your finger to pry it open and close it, or you can push it with the tip of your finger and pull it in.

When you have finished using your menstrual cup for cleaning, you might want to rinse it off and use it to wash your hands or wipe your face.

You will want the tampons that you cleaned to stay in their original packaging and not in the tub or container.

After you clean your hands, you need to wash them in the hot water for at least 30 minutes, because they can get dirty.

Then, you should wash them with warm soapy water for about 30 minutes.

You should also wash them twice a day to make them as clean as possible.

Finally, you could use a tampons pad or tampon cloth, if you prefer, or simply wipe them down with a dry cloth and wipe them again.

The key is to wash the cups thoroughly.

Don’t leave them in your bathroom for more than 10 minutes or more, and you will have to wait at least five days to reuse them.

You don’t want to waste the precious menstrual cups that you have on you.

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