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Why we love the original Star Wars movies

Why we love the original Star Wars movies

We love the originals!

We love them so much we could do with the remakes, right?

So we’ve made a list of the most beloved Star Wars films of all time.

Here’s our picks for the five best Star Wars trilogy, as well as the best Star War trilogy movies ever made.


A New Hope We don’t know when it will come out, but we’re pretty sure it will happen sometime in the next five years.

And that’s because there’s so much great Star Wars nostalgia to be had.

This was the first time audiences had seen a new version of Han Solo and Princess Leia, and it’s always hard to go back and rewatch the original trilogy because the nostalgia has become so pervasive.

That’s one reason we love A New Day so much: It brought a new perspective to the story and allowed us to appreciate the films more for their originality.


Return of the Jedi (1977) If you thought the original films were just another Disney blockbuster, think again.

This trilogy is a big departure from the original movies, which were essentially Star Wars-themed.

The trilogy also features the most original Star War dialogue, as we’ve never seen the likes of “Darth Vader’s speech” or “Hoth is my home” before.

The best parts of this film are also the most fun.

This is a great example of a trilogy that didn’t focus on just one thing at a time.

There’s an incredible amount of fun going on between Luke Skywalker and his parents.

Han Solo’s arc is a blast to follow, and there are some great scenes between Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian.

This movie also introduces new characters like Jabba the Hutt, who we’ve seen in other Star Wars animated films before, and Han’s parents, who are both great characters.

The only real problem with this film is that the original versions of most of the characters weren’t particularly memorable, and the original trailers for the films didn’t do a good job of conveying that the stories were all different.

This wasn’t a good idea, though.

The original films are so enjoyable because they are so different, and they all feel like different stories that are all tied together.


The Empire Strikes Back (1980) This is the last film on this list that we didn’t love when we were kids.

But we’re fans of it now because of its impact on the world.

It is the first film in the original series that has a completely different feel to it than what’s in the prequels, which is good, because it means it’s easier to pick up on things.

But the Empire Strikes back is the movie that brought Star Wars back into our lives.

It has its own story, its own character, and its own set of characters.

Even if it’s a little hard to get into this one now, we’re definitely fans of this movie.

The Star Wars universe is so rich and varied that there are so many different versions of it to choose from.

The way the story is told is different from one film to the next.

But, ultimately, it’s still the same story, so if you love the prequel movies, you’ll love this one.


Return to the Jedi Again, this is the most controversial of the pre-quels.

Some fans loved it for its unique story, while others thought it was the worst thing since the day they woke up.

The backlash was intense.

And we love that the backlash has finally been addressed.

The whole thing was so good, we had to do a whole blog post on it.

But it wasn’t the worst prequel ever, either.

The fact that the prelude to the original film was just the first five minutes of the film made it a lot more interesting, and we love it because of it.

The new trailer is just awesome, too, so it’s great to see that.

The most iconic scenes from the prequest and the destruction of the Death Star are also here.

We’re definitely glad that the movie was released in theaters.


Return Of The Jedi Part II (1981) If this movie doesn’t make you go “I want to be the guy who fights that guy,” then what will?

This one is a must-see for any Star Wars fan, and you’ll definitely want to see it if you haven’t.

It’s the most epic and epicly intense sequel to the presequels.

It had so much fun making the first two films, and now it’s time to bring the rest of the trilogy to the big screen.

There are some really great scenes in the new one that really bring it to life.

The first film was such a hit that Lucasfilm decided to reboot the series and have all of the new characters be in the same film.

We also loved the way the new trilogy treats the prerequisites for the role of Darth Vader.

The second film did more than make up for the first one,

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