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How to print the latest news from the internet

How to print the latest news from the internet

A few years ago, I wrote about the advantages of a printed version of The Economist as a way to share the paper.

It was a quick, cheap way to read a newspaper and it was an amazing way to see how the internet works.

Nowadays, however, most of us are digital natives and our papers are far from perfect.

What if we could just download the latest edition and read it on the go? 

We’re not talking about a printed copy here; instead, we’re talking about using a computer to take a PDF, edit it and then print it on a tablet or smartphone. 

I’ve been working on a new idea to try and get some of this digital goodness to our phones in a few months, but I’ve also been thinking about the future. 

A couple of weeks ago, we launched The Economist app to give the world a more reliable way to access the paper’s latest news, and it’s already getting a lot of love. 

“I am so grateful for this app, it makes it possible to read The Economist, not just for those who have iPads but for anyone with a smartphone or a tablet,” said James McWilliams, the app’s creator.

“It’s so easy to use that we’ve already seen thousands of people signing up.” 

The app was launched with the help of the UK government’s Digital Economy Fund, and McWilliams says he has been inundated with offers from companies to help distribute the app.

“We’re still working on the rest of the funding and there’s a couple of things we need to add in,” he told us.

“One is the local search option.

We know we’re only a couple months away from the app launching, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress. “

There’s also a number of things that we need that we can get into place to enable the app to be a really useful resource for anyone.” 

We know we’re only a couple months away from the app launching, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress. 

The  Economist app was built in partnership with The Economist Magazine and will be available in the UK on March 18. 

Read more about The Economist app here: http://www.theeconomist.com/article/digital-economy-fund-support-for-the-new-economist/

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