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What are you, an iPhone?

What are you, an iPhone?

A new 3D printer that looks like an iPhone could be a hit with customers in the US.

The machine looks like the one Apple unveiled at the end of last year.

The new machine is named The Machine and can print items that look like iPhones and iPhones that look exactly like iPhones.

In some ways, it resembles the Apple Watch and the Apple Pencil, which both came out in 2015.

However, it’s much smaller, has fewer features, and is more of a “thing of the past,” said Andrew Lohr, co-founder of the company called Machine Maker, which is based in San Francisco.

Machine Maker will sell a set of components for $399, and it has plans to eventually manufacture iPhones for $600, he said.

Machine maker, which also designs and sells smartphones and tablets, also plans to sell some of its own hardware.

MachineMaker has raised $30 million in a funding round led by Accel Partners and will start shipping the first units in 2018, Lohre said.

Lohrer and his team have also raised $25 million in venture capital from a group of investors including Alibaba, Baidu, Google Ventures, Facebook, Amazon, and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

They plan to scale up production.

The company also plans a partnership with a startup called Digital Art, which plans to create an iPhone-like 3D printing platform that will allow users to print the devices with their own 3D printers.

That platform will be used by other companies that want to use the technology.

Lohares vision of the future is for the 3D-printing technology to be used to make more and more 3D objects.

In a recent patent application, Machine Maker describes how it could print a “smart phone,” for example.

The patent shows how the printer could print the phone in a fashion similar to the iPhone’s glass and plastic case.

The 3D print can be used for printing an object such as a watch or a watch case.

Machine Makers is the first company to launch a 3D printed iPhone.

It is a new and exciting way for 3D users to design, print, and share their creations.

“We think the next generation of 3D products will be created with this technology and we think we are the pioneers in this space,” Lohria said.

The printer’s capabilities are still limited.

The device has only been tested in the lab, Lohaers team said.

It uses a single, inexpensive printer, which does not work as well as larger ones, and uses the 3Dsprinter’s print settings to print an object with limited precision.

However the company said that its print settings can be adjusted to make the printer more accurate.

In addition, the machine’s software doesn’t work in a way that is consistent with a standard smartphone 3D design.

Machine-maker has not revealed pricing or launch dates for the new product.

But it has previously said that the printers would be available for purchase later this year.

A company called 3D Printing Factory, which Lohrian said owns and operates a 3d printing facility in Santa Clara, California, has been using its printers to make products for several years.

The Santa Clara facility, where the Machine Maker is located, also makes a printer that is used in the production of the Apple watch, which it has used in its 3D designs.

The team at 3D Print Factory is also the maker of the popular MakerBot 3D scanner, which makes things like plastic parts for 3-D printers, said Jeff Fogleman, a 3DPrinting product manager for MakerBot, in an email.

“They have made a lot of 3d printers over the years, and this is the third or fourth one they have made in Santa Cruz,” Foglemans said.

MakerBot announced its third-generation printer, the i3, in April 2016.

It was designed to replace the company’s existing i3 printer.

Makerbot is the biggest 3D company in the world with nearly 500 3D manufacturing facilities in 35 countries.

It has a presence in more than 100 countries and employs more than 7,500 people.

3D Printers are becoming a trend in the 3d-print industry.

3DPress, maker of printers and software for 3DP printing, was founded by 3D artists and software engineers in January.

The group has about 70 employees.

3dprint.com, the makers of 3DPprint, is also expanding its presence in the printing space.

The website currently lists 3Dprint as its largest manufacturer and largest supplier.

Machinemaker also has an online store for printing.

Machinemakers prices are not set in stone.

Lofres said he does not have a firm launch date for the company.

Machine makers is a bit of a departure for the industry.

Last year, a company called Shapeways, which sells hardware and other 3D items, raised

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