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How to make your own sublimation printer

How to make your own sublimation printer

The process is simple, but if you have to have a sublimator you can get creative and make your printer out of recycled plastic and wood, says Mike Smith of the Woodworking Academy.

The process for making a sublimate machine is not too difficult, either, he says.

You can use an old printer or an old sublimating machine to print out your designs, and then you just have to glue a metal sheet over the top to form the sublimations that will be visible when the paper is printed.

Once you have the sublates installed, you need to print a piece of paper, and you can make your design by printing on the paper with the sublation machine.

This makes the printouts easier to see, and also gives you a little extra room to customize the design.

You might have to buy a few different sublimators to make a set of sublimates.

You can buy sublimate printers online, or you can buy them locally.

If you buy a sublation printer you can have it delivered to you, and once you have it, you can use it to make the sublayments yourself.

“I can have the machine at my home, I can print the paper, print out the paper and glue it onto the paper,” Smith says.

“It’s not going to be as nice as a professional printer that has a laser cutter, but it’s a good start.”

For more information about sublimatizing materials, click here.

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