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HP makes ‘cappucino printer’ that costs $200,000 to build

HP makes ‘cappucino printer’ that costs $200,000 to build

A small, compact printer that could power $1,200 coffee machines could be the answer to the nation’s coffee shortage, according to a startup backed by the former CEO of Apple.

The $1 million printer uses an HP-designed “cappuino” ink cartridge that is roughly the size of a credit card, according To The News, which is making the printer and is using it to build a business around its product.

The printer is designed to print out coffee with less waste and produce the freshest and most delicious beverages in a way that is simple to use, To The Washington Posts reports.

“Coffee is the single most valuable commodity in the world, and for the vast majority of people, that’s the only thing that matters,” CEO Kevin Bock said in a statement.

“The coffee machine is a tool that can make coffee in a matter of seconds, which allows a person to take advantage of the convenience of the machines and the benefits that coffee offers.

It’s also a great way to spend less money and more time with your family.”

To The Post also reports that the printer is in the final stages of development, with final assembly and shipping slated for the second quarter of next year.

Bock declined to give a price for the printer, but To The White House estimated it would be around $1 per unit, and the company is working to raise money on Indiegogo to finance the project.

The company’s website says the printer has been used to print nearly 200,000 cups of coffee, with one customer estimating the printer saved his company $1.4 million over two years.

“When we say that we are using this product to revolutionize the coffee industry, we mean it,” Bock told the outlet.

“It’s a revolutionary technology, and we’re going to continue to make it available to the world.”

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